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criminal injury claims (CICA)

A criminal injury is an injury sustained due to a criminal attack.

If you have incurred injury due to a criminal assault, you may be entitled to compensation. If you feel you are a victim of a criminal assault i.e violent muggings and unprovoked assaults whether it was at a club, bar, concert or on the street then you may be entitled to compensation

Who deals with the claim?

Dylan Nair Solicitors specialise in criminal injury compensation claims. We carefully consider your claim and preserve any evidence which may support your claim. For more details of how your claim is handled and the process of the claim please click here.

Who's at the other side?

There is a government body in place, which assesses your claim and has the authority to make an award of compensation to victims of mental and physical injury, incurred as a result of an unprovoked violent crime.

Dylan Nair Solicitors Ltd use specialist No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors, so if your claim is not successful you will never be asked to pay a success fee.

You will NOT be eligible if...
You will be eligible to make a claim if:
· you are the victim of an unprovoked attack
· the incident occurred within the last 2 years.
· the incident was reported to the police as soon as possible
· medical treatement was received
· the incident was not reported to the police
· you have already applied for an award of the same criminal injury
· your behaviour before, during or after the incident in which you were injured is considered to contribute to the assault
· you have a criminal record
· you failed to co-operate with the police or with us
· there is a delay in informing the police

How long does it take?

We will try to conclude you claim as quickly as we can. Remember as your claim is being carried out on a no win no fee basis our legal team will not be paid until after they have got you your compensation. Our team aspire to achieve you the best result possible and have some strong motivation to make things move as quickly as possible.

If you wish to apply for compensation please contact us on 01772 320177 or alternatively fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

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Client Testimonials

Mr A

Mr A was walking out and saw an argument taking place between 2 mutual friends therefore Mr A approached them to help diffuse the situation however the Defendant smashed a bottle on Mr A’s head causing him to fall to the floor. The Defendant then proceeded to stomp on Mr A’s ankle causing it to break.

Mr A incurred injuries to his head and suffered a broken ankle.

Dylan Nair Solicitors dealt with Mr A’s claim obtaining a successful conclusion and Mr A received compensation in the sum of £5300.00 for his injuries.

Mr A stated the service he received was ‘good, all queries were answered and all responses were spot on.’ Mr A also confirmed he was ‘very happy with the service and would use Dylan Nair Solicitors again for all matters’.

Miss B

Miss B was out when she saw an argument taking place between a couple. She approached the couple to calm them when she was punched in the face.

Dylan Nair secured a successful result for Miss B and obtained £2000.00 in compensation for Miss B’s injuries.

Miss B stated she was very happy with the result achieved and was happy with the service provided as Dylan Nair Solicitors always provided a quick response to her queries and would definitely use us again.

Mr C

Mr C was the victim of an unprovoked attack. He was on his own waiting for a friend when a group of 10 individuals attacked him. Mr C suffered a fracture to his right hand, injury to his ribs and numbness from right hip to his knee.

Dylan Nair Solicitors dealt with the matter thoroughly and obtained compensation in the amount of £4590.00.

Mr C confirmed he was very happy with the result and the service received as Dylan Nair Solicitors were very ‘helpful and consistent’.

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